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I'm your only friend - glo_unit
I'm your only friend
I'm not your only friend
But I'm a little glowing friend
But really I'm not actually your friend
But I am

LOL, Birdhouse in Your Soul had been in my head the last couple of days,  so I thought it would be good to start a completely random post on my behalf.

So I'll start with today, and a little explanation. So the PhoenixLibrary system has a cool new program called the Culture Pass which grants free admission for up to four to local museums. Today me and my mom attempted to visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art only to find out that they recently changed their hours and now it's closed on Tuesdays. So that sucked and the unpleasantness was increased because Scottsdale is a pain in the ass to get your way around though. So them we went to the mall. I got a Robeks smoothie and found the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories for $7.99 at the Boarders Outlet so at least I did something.

Speaking of the library yesterday I went to one and checked out the Best of the Power Rangers DVD had put on reserve, God I'm such a dork. So that leads to another topic, Power Rangers. I just barely started watching again with reruns of Jungle Fury and the last full series of PR I saw was In Space. As such I decided to catch up on the various seasons. So far I've watched 22 episodes of Dino Thunder, 19 of SPD, 9 of Lost Galaxy, and 6 episodes of Operation Overdrive. I also looked at the toy sections of a couple of Walgreen's to see If I could get any RJ figure: one had an Operation Overdrive yellow, and the other only had Theo and Casey, so no luck. Apparently In my time zone KRDK will move from 11:30 to 10:30 with 10:30 already being the time when the second episode of PR comes one. Right now it doesn't matter since both are in reruns, but it will be annoying when they are both new. I think that's it for this pointless post see you and by you I mean not_a_reptile for the next one.
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not_a_reptile From: not_a_reptile Date: June 3rd, 2009 02:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Just me? I'm surprised you haven't been friended by a spammer yet.
glo_unit From: glo_unit Date: June 3rd, 2009 04:03 am (UTC) (Link)
I think I may have, I'm just not important enough to get spammed yet.

Find your Aaron Stone episode 3 download link yet?
not_a_reptile From: not_a_reptile Date: June 3rd, 2009 04:41 am (UTC) (Link)
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